At Franco Marine, we believe in women's grace and character, but most importantly her inner beauty. A woman's beauty is defined by how she perceives the world and the people around her through her own subjective view. That's how we see her and how the world sees her.

A woman's beauty is defined by her character and purposes, not God's given body. We want to complement beautiful, confident and strong women for their determination in making the world a more generous place - we know it can be hard sometimes.



We are a brand from the Nordic country - Latvia. Sun doesn't always indulge such as in subtropical regions, that's why we take great care in choosing what to wear on those few sunny days. For 2018 we would like to offer our inspiration, sorted into two collections. Montferrat is our designers chic and glamorous vision for beach lounge club ladies choosing a glass of champagne as their accessory, and Viva la Vida  – will be more appealing to those Riviera city beach girls on vacation, for the younger at heart who would like a more versatile outfit to feel beautiful and convenient in any situation and place.